Maggie Marre is a singer-songwriter from small suburban town near Reading, Pennsylvania. Maggie started her journey as a young writer by sending notes on a string down the staircase to her family after she got sent to her room for various acts of obstinance when she was in grade school. Maggie's writing and storytelling continued through grade school and middle school. She's been singing secretly in her room since she could talk, but had stage fright for years which had her avoiding the spotlight. 

For her 15th birthday, Maggie got her first guitar. When the pandemic hit, she became more earnest about her songwriting, and spent her days and nights reading books, singing and writing in her room. Since then, Maggie has continued writing a lot of music and performing her original songs. Maggie plans to release her first single in the summer of 2024. 

When Maggie’s not singing and creating metaphorical boys to write about, she can be found with her nose in a book, where she gets a lot of her writing inspiration, while she dreams of the bright city lights. She enjoys impersonating her three brothers to get on their nerves and having weekly girls' nights with her friends, which often include many excursions to the book store and Starbucks.